Ready to Hop In

GREENVILLE, S.C. –  Getting around the picturesque downtown Greenville is about to get easier.

Locally Epic is partnering with Rogers EV and Star EV to use an electric LSV vehicle that will pick up passengers along the Main Street area wiith room to hold up to five passengers.

“Transportation is a hot topic in our community right now,” explained Dave Ropes, Locally Epic’s chief marketing officer.  “Locally Epic is providing the perfect answer to streamlining pedestrian traffic and elevating local advertising opportunities.”

The “Hop-In” service will begin their six-month running season on May 10, a perfect coordination with the late spring and early summer events that draw people to enjoy downtown Greenville. The service will run daily from 11 a.m. to dusk. The tip only service is on a first come, first served basis.  For businesses and individuals looking to support the service, sponsorship details can be found online at

“Hop-In rides are unique and easy to use,” said Chase Michaels, Locally Epic founder and CEO. “We want to support the community with a relaxing, fun and memorable travel experience from place to place. These vehicles will fit that description perfectly.”

“Anything that enhances the visit to the person coming to Greenville we support,” said Michele Minor, CIO at Locally Epic. “Whether it’s being able to easily get from one end of the town to the other, I think is an asset.”

The Hop-In services is powered by Locally Epic, using vehicles built by Star EV, which is located in Greenville County, and sells vehicles throughout the United States and internationally. Rogers EV, a division of Rogers Stereo, recently joined Star EV as the Authorized Dealer of golf carts, commercial vehicles, Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs) and Street Legal Vehicles (LSVs)

“We are excited to be part of this project to help create transportation solutions in Greenville,” said Michael Alexander, Senior Vice President at Star EV.

About Locally Epic:

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