Busy weekend ahead

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We are getting ready for Shop Local Saturday this weekend. What is Shop Local Saturday? This is Locally Epic’s way to help promote and grow local business by encouraging people to shop and purchase things at locally owned stores.  There are several ways we do this. This blog is just one of them.

Why is this important?

It’s simple. Buying local means money stays local and goes back into our community. We are not asking you to buy more. Just buy what you normally buy at a locally-owned business. Instead of getting sunglasses at the big-box, go to the local corner store. Instead of getting mulch and dirt at the megamart, buy it at the local nursery. Instead of eating at the chain restaurant, put those dollars into the local mom-and pop restaurant.

You won’t think you are doing a lot to change the face of Greenville, but you really are. You are keeping business local. And that is Locally Epic.

Greenville is so epic and we love it

One of Locally Epic’s goals, actually our biggest  goal, is to highlight the amazing epic the Greenville community. The next two weeks underscore everything that we are all about. Here is what we have going one.

April 27: We are heading to Charleston for Dig South.

April 28: Shop Local Saturday. This is our push to get people to push their buying toward more local purchases.  We do this every fourth Saturday of the month. It just so happens that this Saturday also falls on Independent Book Store Day.  Check out our app for more.

May 5: We are sponsoring the Duck Derby Hat contest as part of the annual Reedy River Duck Derby in downtown Greenville. Learn more here.

We have some other things going on as well. Stay tuned.

Upstate Business Journal article on Shop Local Saturday

Locally Epic is launching the Upstate Shop Local Saturday campaign to support locally owned and operated businesses and grow Greenville’s economy every fourth Saturday of the month. The Shop Local Saturday for this month will be March 24.

Offering location-based marketing technology for businesses and consumers, the Locally Epic app connects people with promotions and offers throughout the week to ensure they find the best deals on Shop Local Saturday each month.

“We want people to just go and buy local,” said Chase Michaels, the CEO and founder of Locally Epic. “The impact on our local economy can be huge if people do this.”

Out of every dollar spent locally in the Upstate, 75 cents stay here to build Greenville’s economy. This growth occurs at a much slower rate when buying online or at a big-box store.

Keep reading more here.