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GSA Business’ Book of Experts did a full-page article on Locally Epic this week. Story isn’t online, but here is the story below:

Locally Epic Greenville

A key thing to pull from the story:

There’s no denying the convenience of the internet – it is, after all, in your phone, and your phone’s in your pocket or purse (or more likely, your hand) right now. But about that buck: For every dollar you spend in a Greenville business, a whopping 75 cents stays right here in Greenville. Even if you’re shopping at a Woodruff Road big box (and we all do, right?), 35 cents of every buck you spend stays local. In either case, that’s cash that flows through local employees, managers and owners and into other local businesses like grocery stores and gas stations. It buys cars from local dealerships. It buys homes constructed by local builders. It is our economic life blood. If Upstate consumers pivot $20 a week away for a year from  online or a big box store to a locally owned store that would in increase the local Upstate economy by $300 million.



Shout out from the Greenville News

We got a nice feature in this week’s Greenville News.

While thousands of people are gathered downtown to enjoy food, music and fun at Fall for Greenville this weekend, dozens of two-person teams will be working to win prize money in an adult scavenger hunt.

Epic Quest, a scavenger hunt put on by Locally Epic, invites up to 50 teams of two to sign up to participate in the all-day hunt. The date for the event was specifically chosen because the added crowds in Greenville would make the mission more challenging.

Teams on the Epic Quest will visit more than 20 local businesses and landmarks to earn points. They’ll add to their total by taking part in a social media challenge along the way.

The first place team wins $2,500, second place team wins $1,500 and the third place team wins $1000. Participating teams will be sent more details as the event draws near.

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WATCH: Entrepreneur Minute with Chase Michaels, Locally Epic

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Entrepreneur Minute with Chase Michaels, Founder of Locally Epic.

Locally Epic is a mobile platform that allows local consumers to find local offers and promotions from a wide range of businesses in real time, while allowing businesses to effectively reach new audiences. The UpstateBizSC Entrepreneur Minute is a one minute interview in support of entrepreneurship.

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GSA Business: Locally Epic launches business marketing app

GREENVILLE, S.C. – “It’s just after 12 p.m. and you’re walking down Main Street in downtown Greenville. Suddenly, your smartphone starts buzzing, telling you that a restaurant a block away is having a lunch special.

Hungry and curious, you make your way to the restaurant and take advantage of that advertised lunch special. Locally Epic launched the app that allows participating businesses to create instant promotions to attract potential customers in real time. Chase Michaels, Locally Epic founder and CEO, said the platform is not like the e-commerce marketplace Groupon.

“When Groupon came out, they were hot for small business,” Michaels said. “They went public, and it was hot, but it’s not good for small business because they are carrying the cost for 90 days.”

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Greenville CEO: Locally Epic App Creates New Way to Get Offers and Promos

GREENVILLE, S.C. – An innovative new app is launching locally that will allow businesses and consumers to connect in ways never before seen in the region.

“Locally Epic provides local businesses with the leading hyper-local mobile marketing software-as-a-service platform through its app that allows them to reach consumers who are nearby and ready to buy their products right now,” Michaels said.

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UpstateBizSC: Get Greenville offers on Locally Epic app

GREENVILLE, S.C. – An innovative new app is launching locally that will allow businesses and consumers to connect in ways never before seen in the region.

Locally Epic also is creating mass way for small business to get noticed, Michaels said. A lot of people are deleting apps from their phone, while many small businesses don’t have the resources to create new apps to meet market needs. Locally Epic allows companies to share the app, and by creating value to consumers the app is more likely to get added – not purged.


Greenville Business Mag: Locally Epic launches app

GREENVILLE, S.C. – An innovative new app is launching locally that will allow businesses and consumers to connect in ways never before seen in the region.

Locally Epic will enable Greenville area consumers to engage with homegrown businesses, which in turn helps to drive the local economy,” Michaels said. “We are taking the think and buy local motto to a new level. We want people to focus on what makes Greenville truly epic.

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WSPA: New App Sends Alerts on Deals Nearby

Greenville businessman Chase Michaels is getting ready to launch an app he’s been testing for nine months: Locally Epic. With over 18,000 downloads, when it officially launches July 24th, users can choose between 45 categories they’re interested in, and get push notifications on promotions or deals as they walk or drive close by. Jennifer Martin meets up with the app’s CEO to show us how it works.

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