GSA Business Spotlight

GSA Business’ Book of Experts did a full-page article on Locally Epic this week. Story isn’t online, but here is the story below:

Locally Epic Greenville

A key thing to pull from the story:

There’s no denying the convenience of the internet – it is, after all, in your phone, and your phone’s in your pocket or purse (or more likely, your hand) right now. But about that buck: For every dollar you spend in a Greenville business, a whopping 75 cents stays right here in Greenville. Even if you’re shopping at a Woodruff Road big box (and we all do, right?), 35 cents of every buck you spend stays local. In either case, that’s cash that flows through local employees, managers and owners and into other local businesses like grocery stores and gas stations. It buys cars from local dealerships. It buys homes constructed by local builders. It is our economic life blood. If Upstate consumers pivot $20 a week away for a year from  online or a big box store to a locally owned store that would in increase the local Upstate economy by $300 million.



Do you like hockey?

Locally Epic Greenville

What’s better than watching the Greenville Swamp Rabbits play hockey? How about the opportunity to win $1 million while doing so? Yep, you read that right. Locally Epic is sponsoring the $1 Million Slap Shot Contest at select Swamp Rabbit home games this season!

Which home games? We glad you asked! We will be asking you to shoot for the score on December 21st, 23rd and 28th; January 7th and 12th; February 6th,15th and 20th; March 6th and 23rd; and April 5th.

So, what do you need to know in case you get called down to the ice to take part?

  • NO Assistance of any kind either formally or informally, intentional or unintentional, however oblique in nature.
  • NO Practice shots
  • NO Substitutions.
  • NO Past or Current Hockey Professionals.
  • NO College Hockey Players within the last 5 years or NO High School Hockey Players within the last 2 years..
  • NO Cross-Over from other sports (Curling, Baseball, Cricket, ice skating) as per addendum #4. determination is Final.
  • NO Elite Amateurs. (Currently or within 2 years have played organized semi professional or Club determination is Final. A professional is also defined as anyone who is currently in, or has been within the last year, the hockey industry or pursues as a profession, profits and/or gains from the hockey industry. EX:(Assistant Hockey Coaches) determination is Final.
  • One winner or shared award unless otherwise stated in writing.
  • Four Independent witnesses required AND unedited videotape. If prize value is $25,000 or greater one of the Independent Witnesses needs to be a Police or Hockey official. determination is final.
  • Only 1 of shot or shot(s) allowed per contestant(s), from the contracted distance and/or Any distance in the contest, as per contractual terms and conditions. NO Multiple Attempts, Additional shots, or Retry’s. NO Distinct Advantages are to be given to following Contestants in a Multiple Contestant events by lining up directly behind the previous contestant.
  • Client/Contestants must also adhere to all contractual points, terms, conditions and the rules and regulations of NHL. NHL Distances are as follows: Center ice 87 feet from Goal; Blue Line 60 feet from closest goal; FAR Blue line 114 feet from FAR Goal. Contests MUST be a MINIMUM of these distances. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Cut outs / Template Must NOT be any larger than 3.5 inches in length to 1.5 inches in height. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • NO Current or Former employees, immediate member of any family, agents, successors, assignee’s of the sponsor/client are eligible, as well as any promotional company, advertising agency, organization or company involved with the event. The parties acknowledge that Golf Marketing is NOT liable for reimbursement of any prize(s) otherwise payable to promotional contestants who are in violation of this provision. WAIVED
  • Names and likenesses of promotion winner(s) may be used by and or its designee(s) for promotional purposes without further compensation to the client or the promotion winner(s).
  • Any and All changes to this rules eligibility addendum and contract MUST be done in writing and signed on by the client and PRIOR to the event.
  • All eligibility terms, and conditions of this addendum are the SOLE responsibility of the client.

You seek the Quest

This Saturday, Locally Epic is undertaking its biggest venture yet, The Epic Quest.

In case you  haven’t been following us on Facebook or seen the numerous media stories, The Epic Quest is an adventure race/scavenger hunt being held around Greenville. It starts at 11 a.m. at the downtown arena, and will take close to 100 teams (that’s 200 people !) around some of the most epic spots around Greenville. You will see them wearing their bright yellow Locally Epic shirts.

The top 10 finishing teams will then compete that night during an intermission at a Greenville Swamp Rabbits game to slap a puck into an open net.  The first team to “score” gets $2,500, the second team gets $1,500 and the final team gets $1,000.

We have been planning this event for the past two months now — meeting each Friday with our partners (In the Know Upstate and Complete Public Relations) to discuss the best ways to make this event work. And you should be thankful they were helping. We wanted people to crawl though pits of mud and jump through flaming hoops in order to compete. They suggested doing social media posts at locally epic spots.  They won the discussion.

But who will win the money?

That will be decided Saturday. Make sure to follow us during the day on Facebook and Instagram for updates from The Epic Quest.

Shout out from the Greenville News

We got a nice feature in this week’s Greenville News.

While thousands of people are gathered downtown to enjoy food, music and fun at Fall for Greenville this weekend, dozens of two-person teams will be working to win prize money in an adult scavenger hunt.

Epic Quest, a scavenger hunt put on by Locally Epic, invites up to 50 teams of two to sign up to participate in the all-day hunt. The date for the event was specifically chosen because the added crowds in Greenville would make the mission more challenging.

Teams on the Epic Quest will visit more than 20 local businesses and landmarks to earn points. They’ll add to their total by taking part in a social media challenge along the way.

The first place team wins $2,500, second place team wins $1,500 and the third place team wins $1000. Participating teams will be sent more details as the event draws near.

Read the rest of the story here.