Have an Epic Thanksgiving weekend

Locally Epic loves helping you find everything “epic” about the Greenville area. And with that in mind, here are five ways you can be “locally epic” this Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. Take part in a road race. There are a lot to choose from including the Trees Greenville  8K and 5K.
  2. Shop locally at one of the thousands of homegrown businesses in the Greenville area this Saturday as part of the Small Business Saturday Check out our Facebook page and check out the app for local businesses doing promotions.
  3. There are more than 16,000 non-profit groups in Greenville. Next Tuesday is a big day for them as they strive to get people to give a donation. Check out the Locally Epic app for some local agencies doing good work to make Greenville better.
  4. The Palmetto Bowl is this Saturday. If you don’t have tickets for the Tigers-Gamecocks matchup, you can check out the Locally Epic app to find the best places to watch the game with friends.
  5. Take a hike. One of the most epic things about Greenville is that you be surrounded by trees and nature just by driving 15 miles out of downtown. That is pretty cool. VisitGreenville has a great list of places to take a hike this weekend.

You seek the Quest

This Saturday, Locally Epic is undertaking its biggest venture yet, The Epic Quest.

In case you  haven’t been following us on Facebook or seen the numerous media stories, The Epic Quest is an adventure race/scavenger hunt being held around Greenville. It starts at 11 a.m. at the downtown arena, and will take close to 100 teams (that’s 200 people !) around some of the most epic spots around Greenville. You will see them wearing their bright yellow Locally Epic shirts.

The top 10 finishing teams will then compete that night during an intermission at a Greenville Swamp Rabbits game to slap a puck into an open net.  The first team to “score” gets $2,500, the second team gets $1,500 and the final team gets $1,000.

We have been planning this event for the past two months now — meeting each Friday with our partners (In the Know Upstate and Complete Public Relations) to discuss the best ways to make this event work. And you should be thankful they were helping. We wanted people to crawl though pits of mud and jump through flaming hoops in order to compete. They suggested doing social media posts at locally epic spots.  They won the discussion.

But who will win the money?

That will be decided Saturday. Make sure to follow us during the day on Facebook and Instagram for updates from The Epic Quest.