Greenville Business Mag: Locally Epic launches app

GREENVILLE, S.C. – An innovative new app is launching locally that will allow businesses and consumers to connect in ways never before seen in the region.

Locally Epic will enable Greenville area consumers to engage with homegrown businesses, which in turn helps to drive the local economy,” Michaels said. “We are taking the think and buy local motto to a new level. We want people to focus on what makes Greenville truly epic.

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WSPA: New App Sends Alerts on Deals Nearby

Greenville businessman Chase Michaels is getting ready to launch an app he’s been testing for nine months: Locally Epic. With over 18,000 downloads, when it officially launches July 24th, users can choose between 45 categories they’re interested in, and get push notifications on promotions or deals as they walk or drive close by. Jennifer Martin meets up with the app’s CEO to show us how it works.

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UBJ: Let’s Keep It Local


GREENVILLE, S.C. – Upstate Business Journal‘s Ariel Turner sat down with Locally Epic founder Chase Michaels to talk about the power of co-founders and keeping business local.

“We spent a lot of money with advertising, and there was no way to measure any return,” he says. “The newspaper would tell us there were 300,000 people who got the Sunday paper, but could never tell us how many people literally picked it up, went to page 37, saw my ad, and through the call to action came into my business. It was a real frustration to be paying for something that there was no way to measure the success of it.”

…“We really feel that money that’s made in the local economy should be spent in the local economy,” Michaels says.


Greenville News: RR Duck Derby – there’s an app for that

GREENVILLE, S.C. – There will be an app for the 2017 Reedy River Duck Derby. Locally Epic, a Greenville-based technology company, has developed a proprietary Geo-Spatial Real Time marketing and advertising platform – via the Locally Epic app – to assist the Duck Derby team with getting the word out about the event.

Using the Locally Epic app, Derby-goers will be able to engage with what is happening in the park in real-time via push notifications, said Wendy Green, president of Greenville Evening Rotary Club.

“We will be able to remind the crowd of start times for the bands, last minute duck adoptions, and start times for the race,” said Green. “We will be able to send notifications to people within a 10-mile radius that the Duck Derby is happening, which will be helpful if they are looking for something to do on May 6. We will also be able to give users a real-time rundown of the winning ducks and the prizes they won… Locally Epic is the perfect company to make that happen.”

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