Locally Epic bands with Stories of the Upstate for “Hop-In Unplugged”

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Locally Epic and Stories of The Upstate Podcast  have banded together to announce a new type of ride experience starting Thursday, May 17 called, “Hop-In Unplugged.”

Locals and visitors of Greenville will get to enjoy live music this summer while riding downtown in the “Hop-In” electric vehicle cars. The new addition to the ride service will feature different local musicians riding along playing music from 4:30 p.m. until 5 p.m. every Thursday before Downtown Alive.

“Greenville has such an up-and-coming music scene and we are excited to work with a lot of local artists on our podcast,” said Loyd Ford, host of Stories of The Upstate. “Not only does this give local musicians a chance to get their name out, but provides a great opportunity for Locally Epic and Stories of The Upstate Podcast as well.”

The line-up of artists that will be along for the ride include Jeff Holland, Alex Hunnicutt, Rush Morgan, Jeremy Brewer, Adam Carter, Charles Hedge Path, Tyler J Pearson, Brooks Dixon and Morgan Riley through July 12. Other artists participating in “Hop-In Unplugged” will continue to be announced throughout the summer months.

“I think this new addition of live entertainment is a great way to enhance the “Hop-In” experience,” said Chase Michaels, founder of Locally Epic. “It gives people a chance to see that Greenville is becoming more of a music town with a lot of great artists on the rise.”

The Hop-In service is powered by Locally Epic, using vehicles built by Star EV, which is located in Greenville County, and sells vehicles throughout the United States and internationally. Rogers EV, a division of Rogers Stereo, recently joined Star EV as the Authorized Dealer of golf carts, commercial vehicles, Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs) and Street Legal Vehicles (LSVs).

The “Hop-In” service began its six-month running season on May 10, a perfect coordination with the late spring and early summer events that draw people to enjoy downtown Greenville. The service will run daily from 11 a.m. to dusk. The tip only service is on a first come, first served basis.  For businesses and individuals looking to support the service, sponsorship details can be found online at www.hopingreenville.com.

About Locally Epic:
Locally Epic is the next generation of real-time location-based marketing technology for businesses and consumers. Locally Epic leverages time, space and message deployment with real-time aspects of engagement, implementation, customer loyalty and consumer acquisition metrics. Learn more at www.locallyepic.com.

About Stories of The Upstate

Stories of The Upstate (iTunes, Stitcher app) is a podcast show featuring new interview episodes with local personalities every Monday and Thursday. The show, hosted by Loyd Ford, spotlights the people, passion and wisdom of Upstate South Carolina and features a free “Downtown Jam™ free concert on the second Wednesday of each month.  All shows are free on-demand and available in your app store.  From entrepreneurs to local musicians, the focus is on telling the story of the most interesting people of the Upstate. Learn more at www.upstateisgreat.com.