A beautiful day to shop local

Waking up is not easy for most people on the weekday. Thankfully, there is GVLToday, which makes the waking up process a little more easy. This five-day-a-week email blast has information to help you get through the day.

Of course, they gave us a nice shout out this morning, which helped put a spring in our step.

locally epic greenville

Upstate Business Journal article on Shop Local Saturday

Locally Epic is launching the Upstate Shop Local Saturday campaign to support locally owned and operated businesses and grow Greenville’s economy every fourth Saturday of the month. The Shop Local Saturday for this month will be March 24.

Offering location-based marketing technology for businesses and consumers, the Locally Epic app connects people with promotions and offers throughout the week to ensure they find the best deals on Shop Local Saturday each month.

“We want people to just go and buy local,” said Chase Michaels, the CEO and founder of Locally Epic. “The impact on our local economy can be huge if people do this.”

Out of every dollar spent locally in the Upstate, 75 cents stay here to build Greenville’s economy. This growth occurs at a much slower rate when buying online or at a big-box store.

Keep reading more here.

GSA Biz checks in with us about our new digs at Endeavour

Always fun to see a media story on the weekend. Check out this piece on our HQ in downtown Greenville (where we can walk to so many Locally Epic establishments)

From the story:

“Being a part of Endeavor has definitely helped us up our game and has given us access to great business minds right down the hall,” said Michaels. “The entire Endeavor team has been such an asset to Locally Epic. Once you experience the level of service they deliver, there is no doubt you will want to call Endeavor home for your company.”


More media attention

We are excited about speaking at TedX in a few weeks, but we are even more excited how much the media is giving us notice.

Here is a story in UpstateBiz.

Here is a story from GSA Business Journal.

And here is a story from the TedX site. We really liked this line from that piece:

Being in business is just not enough to compete in today”s retail environment, consumers want better buying experiences and a relationship with the businesses they are customers of. He believes Main Street is where we should spend our money not Wall Street!

Chase Michaels to speak at TedX

GREENVILLE, S.C. –  Chase Michaels, the CEO and founder of Locally Epic, will be sharing his story of how one company can help change an entire economy as part of TEDx Greenville 2018.

Patterned after the hugely popular global TED conference, TEDxGreenville continues to gain momentum year after year. Ever since its launch in 2010 as the first TEDx event in South Carolina, the conference has provided a platform to showcase Greenville’s leading thinkers and doers from all backgrounds.

Michaels’ company Locally Epic uses a mobile platform to connect users with local offers and promotions from nearby businesses in real time. This encourages shoppers to spend their money at locally owned businesses and allows those businesses to better reach potential customers.

At the conference in April, Michaels will be talking about the impact of shopping with Locally Owned businesses as opposed to online or big box stores. He feels that doing business with Main Street not Wall Street will help sustain and grow our local economy.

“‘Shop local’ has been a part of Greenville’s mantra for almost two decades – ever since rapid growth really started hitting here,” Michaels said. “Money that is made in the locally economy should be spent with locally owned businesses. We all need to be stewards of where we live.”

When Michaels takes the stage at TEDxGreenville, expect a dynamic explanation of the value of small businesses on job growth, events and programs, tourism, local personality, and more. Michaels is passionate about making sure the Greenville economy benefits from the businesses starting and staying here.

“All it takes is a little research,” he explained. “If everyone living in the upstate would pivot $20 a week for 52 weeks (a year) to a locally owned business instead of at a big box store or online, we would boost the upstate economy by $300 million dollars a year.”

TEDxGreenville 2018 will be held on April 6, 2018 at the Peace Center’s Gunter Theatre in downtown Greenville. Get tickets here.

About Locally Epic:

Locally Epic is the next generation of real-time location-based marketing technology for businesses and consumers. Locally Epic leverages time, space and message deployment with real-time aspects of engagement, implementation, customer loyalty and consumer acquisition metrics. Learn more at www.locallyepic.com.


Brickyard asks us a bunch of questions

Greenville is a growing community, and we love it for that. There is an amazing entrepreneur spirit here. It is almost contagious, but in a good way.  So, we were honored when the BrickYard, the new blog/newsletter that is focusing on the Upstate,  wanted to  do piece on Chase Michaels and Locally Epic.

They asked him the “Least Asked Questions” that entrepreneurs get. Of course, Chase gave some great answers. You can read it here.

GSA Business Spotlight

GSA Business’ Book of Experts did a full-page article on Locally Epic this week. Story isn’t online, but here is the story below:

Locally Epic Greenville

A key thing to pull from the story:

There’s no denying the convenience of the internet – it is, after all, in your phone, and your phone’s in your pocket or purse (or more likely, your hand) right now. But about that buck: For every dollar you spend in a Greenville business, a whopping 75 cents stays right here in Greenville. Even if you’re shopping at a Woodruff Road big box (and we all do, right?), 35 cents of every buck you spend stays local. In either case, that’s cash that flows through local employees, managers and owners and into other local businesses like grocery stores and gas stations. It buys cars from local dealerships. It buys homes constructed by local builders. It is our economic life blood. If Upstate consumers pivot $20 a week away for a year from  online or a big box store to a locally owned store that would in increase the local Upstate economy by $300 million.



Coming Attractions: Great Upstate Podcast

Chase Michaels, our CEO, sat down with Loyd Ford of the Stories of the Upstate Podcast this week. They talked the Locally Epic app, why he’s so passionate about local, local businesses and his other passions. We also hope there was a long discussion about his Kylo Ren T-shirt.  Episode will come out in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to hear it.

Spot our truck, get a pizza!

GREENVILLE, S.C. – A 10-by-20 billboard truck is driving around the Upstate as another way to let people know about the promos and offers on the Locally Epic app as well as put money in your pocket.

Locally Epic has more than 30,000 users and 45 categories for them to find the best offers around, said Chase Michaels, the company’s CEO and founder. The mobile billboard is another way for people to learn more about the app, which can be downloaded here or found on Itunes or GooglePlay.

People who spot the Locally Epic billboard need to download the app, take a picture of the truck and then post the photo to social media with the tags #locallyepic and #letskeepitlocal.  All entries will be eligible for weekly prizes from Locally Epic partners. For the next few weeks, if a person snaps a picture of the truck’s Papa John’s logo and downloads the app, they can win a free pizza.

Locally Epic engages local consumers via a mobile platform that allows them to enhance their ability to find local offers and promotions from a wide range of businesses in real time, while allowing businesses to effectively reach new audiences.


The app also is creating mass way for small business to get noticed. A lot of people are deleting apps from their phone, while many small businesses don’t have the resources to create new apps to meet market needs. Locally Epic allows companies to share the app, and by creating value to consumers the app is more likely to get added – not purged.

About Locally Epic:

Locally Epic is the next generation of real-time location-based marketing technology for businesses and consumers. Locally Epic leverages time, space and message deployment with real-time aspects of engagement, implementation, customer loyalty and consumer acquisition metrics. Learn more at www.locallyepic.com.