Busy weekend ahead

locally epic greenville

We are getting ready for Shop Local Saturday this weekend. What is Shop Local Saturday? This is Locally Epic’s way to help promote and grow local business by encouraging people to shop and purchase things at locally owned stores.  There are several ways we do this. This blog is just one of them.

Why is this important?

It’s simple. Buying local means money stays local and goes back into our community. We are not asking you to buy more. Just buy what you normally buy at a locally-owned business. Instead of getting sunglasses at the big-box, go to the local corner store. Instead of getting mulch and dirt at the megamart, buy it at the local nursery. Instead of eating at the chain restaurant, put those dollars into the local mom-and pop restaurant.

You won’t think you are doing a lot to change the face of Greenville, but you really are. You are keeping business local. And that is Locally Epic.